Olivier Megaton the artist and his paintings
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The Artist and his paintings

Olivier Megaton (his real name is Fontana), has chosen this pseudonym because he was born exactly 20 years after Hiroshima tragic event.
Talented for drawing since he was young, he has develop a keen interest for all kind of pictorial art expression but because he was from a modest family, he couldn’t choose this path, and express himself against his family will, who planned for him a more serious career which can make them proud.
Despite all opposition, Olivier continued to draw and paint before discovering graffiti – with a stencil – at 13, then the “New York” graffiti – with a spray – at 15. After watching Futura 2000 painting du a Clash concert, it was the first turning point in his life and after that he will sign his creation with Ω T.O.N.
He discovered then graffiti in squat, concert and started to paint with known artists such as Blek le rat, Jeff aérosolEpsilon, VR, Jérôme MesnagerMystic, Les Musulmans fumants… until his he’ll get in Jean-Baptiste Mondino’s way, making him taking up a carrer in the cinema.


The spray was for a long time, his principal way for creating and little by little, all the gigantic urban fresco moved to another support… the canvas.
He continued to develop technic in order to distort this new support and express new ones.
Exhibitions and performances moved on, France wasn’t enough anymore so he exported his creation around the world, on set and in galleries (Tokyo, Moscou, NYC, Eastern Europe).


After inhaling for 20 years, emanations from solvents contained in spray bomb, and having one lung problem after another, Olivier reconciled himself to abandon this beloved support, for ink, less harmful and made his painting evolving with this new technic.