Olivier Megaton Home Page
Director Olivier Megaton official website. Beside the fact he directed movies such as Exit, Colombiana or even Taken 2 and 3, Olivier Megaton is above all an artist. Using spray or even ink, this passion let him express his creativity in a different way.
Olivier Megaton, Réalisateur, Artiste, Director, Artist
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This is during a party where Olivier will met Jean-Baptiste Mondino (music video director and photograph) and his career will change of direction by being proposed to write a short script in order to direct it – and not for painting as he thought at first.
Olivier started to direct short movies – with a first one very poignant and based on his personal story before preparing a first long movie: Exit.


Talented for drawing since he was young, he has develop a keen interest for all kind of pictorial art expression but because he was from a modest family, he couldn’t choose this path, and express himself against his family will, who planned for him a more serious career which can make them proud. Despite all opposition, Olivier continued to draw and paint before discovering graffiti with a stencil then the “New York” graffiti with a spray. After a Clash concert, it was a turning point in his life and decided do sign his creation with Ω T.O.N.

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