The Last Days of American Crime directed by Olivier Megaton |
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The Last Days of American Crime directed by Olivier Megaton

New project recently announced for Olivier Megaton with Netflix’s adaptation of a Rick Remender comic book title : The Last Days of American Crime.


Movie is a crime thriller set in a near future where the U.S. government, fighting terrorism and crime, plans to begin broadcasting a signal that makes it impossible for anyone to knowingly commit an unlawful act.

Story will focus on Graham Bricke’s character, career criminal who has never been able to make it big but gets caught up in a scheme with a femme fatale and her deadly boyfriend to commit the heist of the century. They have to beat other criminals, themselves and the clock before the signal turns on.

First names associated to this project – in addition to Olivier Megaton – are Karl Gajdusek for the screenplay (Oblivion) and Edgar Ramirez (American Crime Story) in negotiations for the main character and will be produced by Radical Pictures and Mandalay Pictures.

Photo credit : Reiner Bajo