New Olivier Megaton Exhibition |
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New Olivier Megaton Exhibition

New Olivier Megaton exhibition : For those who are in Paris these days, you can stop by the Upper Concept Store. Friendly place promoting artists and creators but also highlighting art, this is the latest place where director Olivier Megaton have chosen to expose his art.

In addition to the already famous ones, you will be able to witness his latest work inspired (or having inspired) the CD Cover of the band La Souris Déglinguée (alternate punk, born in the 70’s).

Since June the 16th and up to the 6th of July, you can come and admire his work or even acquire one of these unique piece of art.

Based on the Saint Louis Island, the Upper Concept Store is awaiting your visit!


19 Rue des Deux-Ponts

75004 Paris – France

Phone : +33 1 42 49 29 96

​Monday to Saturday

10h – 19h30