Exhibition about Olivier Megaton art report. |
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Exhibition about Olivier Megaton art report.

Exhibition about Olivier Megaton art report.

It’s in Neuilly sur Seine (Dept 92) and more precisely at the AROA gallery, that Olivier Megaton’s new painting exposition takes place.

Through a powerful style, you’ll be able to discover portraits of personality such as Marylin Monroe, John Lenon or even Arthur Rimbaud, whose work had an influence on the life of this mature artist, which is Olivier.
The paintings – recent or old – of Olivier, using with talent the brush and exposing a genre mixing collage and ink, can be appreciated until the 16th of November 2013, next to the original photographic work of Olivier Ribardière.

AROA has this particularity to take place in a beautiful 19th century workshop, where have been for a long time visited by the Museum and galleries, the art collection of Paul Huet- 1803-1869- and where lived and worked one after the other, his son René Paul Huet, painter and carver, then his son in law, Maurice Perret-Carnot, portraitist.
Following this line of descent, Marie-Claude Le Floc’h choose to give back to this magic place, its artistic vitality and to publicize the artist of this age. Like the “salons” in former days, it is a place of passing and of discovery, opening each Friday and Saturday.

Galerie en atelier AROA
38, bd d’Inkermann
92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine
Opening : Friday and saturday 13pm-19pm, other days on appointment.
Contact : Marie-Claude Le Floc’h – 06 80 07 32 18 – mc.lefloch@aroa.fr